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Weekly Themify Showcase Blast – February 6

We're very excited to see how the Themify community is growing! For the past few months we've been receiving plenty of amazing Themify powered sites to add to our Showcase page. And many of these sites really blew us away with how they've used our themes to design the look and feel of their site. Whether it's with high-quality images, custom icons, creative color contrast on each row, or just unique content display, we just can't help but want to share these sites to everyone. Thus the birth of our our weekly showcase blast. This will be a weekly blogpost that highlight the newest additions to our Showcase page.


Site: Ferry County
Base Theme: Magazine


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January Top 10 WordPress Sites Powered By Themify

Happy 2015 everyone!

We're very excited to share to everyone our January's Top 10 Themify-powered WordPress sites. For this month's list, we featured plenty of one-page designed sites that used custom images/color background, showcasing their content in each row. It inspired us to see how some of these sites customized their site, either through custom icons, adding module effects, or just through the use of high-quality and interesting images that exhibits various aspects of their site. Check out who made it to our January Top 10 list below and see how they used our themes to transform their site.


1. Yellow Bird Studios

Base Theme: Parallax (more…)

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December Top 10 WordPress Sites Powered By Themify

Happy Holiday everyone!

We're now reaching the last few days of another amazing year. Looking back, we've seen many sites that blew us away with how they've used Themify themes to design the look and feel of their site.Whether it's through custom icons, or page/image layouts, it's really something that we can't help but share to all of you. So we've decided to highlight some of these amazing site by creating another monthly round-up of our Top 10 WordPress sites powered by Themify themes for the month of December. Check out our Top 10 list below and click the title links to view their entire site.


1. Spot Media
Base Theme: Metro (more…)

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November Top 10 WordPress Sites Powered By Themify

We love sharing and featuring sites that use our WordPress themes. Seeing how each site is creatively designed and transformed really motivates us to design and create more. And in honor of those sites which have used our Themify themes, we share to you our top 10 favourites of 2014.

1. Blooming by the Bay
Blooming by the Bay is one of Themify's first few original showcase sites. Their site really exemplifies simplicity, elegance, and character. Using the Elemin as their base theme, they created a personal blog, which is built to show the stories of Dan, Misono, and their lovely children. Dan and Misono used soft colour schemes and easy sidebar navigation that enables them to highlight their favourite moments, from month-by-month gallery pictures of their newborn, to birth stories, post stories, and social links. Their site captured the hearts of their audience not only through adorable pictures of their children, coupled with captivating designs, but also through the amazing site layout, allowing visitors to easily get updates and stay in-touch with them.

2. Sculptor Sam Spiczka
Number two goes to the sculptor Sam Spiczka. Designed using our Tisa theme, this site's homepage slider just captivates and captures your attention, drawing you to browse further. Its portfolio post layout, gallery photos, and custom font styles enable site visitors to easily navigate and see Sam's work.

3. Dean Sauls
This is a cool resumé-style website, also designed using our Tisa theme. The site was built to showcase himself, with his focus on marketing his skills and expertise to get clients. His homepage is creatively designed with a slider at the top of the page, to act as a banner, explaining the site's purpose with clever use of texts and images. As you continue to scroll-down, you'll find a list of skills he specializes in, the works he's done, as well as, his personal biography.

This has got to be one of the coolest header design that we've seen that use our Parallax theme. With its fascinating background image, logos, and red & white designed social links, YANAGIDA creates a really cool look as soon as you open their site. But don't let the header design confuse you. As you scroll further down their main page with its smooth parallax scrolling effect, they've designed a simple and clean layout that effectively showcases their services, with galleries of pictures, short blurbs, their blog, as well as, a contact section all located in their homepage.

5. Heiko Kanzler
This Porsche driving, Mac-Addict consultant creates this amazing personal blog site using our Pinterest inspired, Pinboard theme. With the auto stacking layout with infinite scrolling Heiko is able to highlight his blog posts with excerpts of text, images, and even comments on posts.

6. Players Travel
This site makes us really want to go on a vacation. Based on our Agency theme, they creatively designed their homepage layout to showcase various services and events that they offer with eye-catching images and text, with credible testimonials at the bottom of the page, to increase the credibility of their services.

7. The Analytics Journey
Using Themify's Metro theme, this site is straight to the point, and captivating at the same time. Perfectly laid out using the hover flip animation tile feature, which when pressed, a light box appears, revealing the content of each tile. There is great attention-to-detail and amazing concept, enabling them to easily relay their message to the users.

8. HUF Magazine
Designed using our Responz theme, this fashion magazine brings their edgy content out of their magazine into their website, showcasing their editorials through top sliders. All front-page content is shown in a 4-column layout with minimal design. Their monthly updates focus on exhibiting their latest content, photo shoot updates, as well as, advertising campaigns at the home page.

9. Juan Millán Bruno
Juan takes our Parallax theme and creates one of the best designer sites we've seen. With Its simplicity and ease of navigation, more visitors are reeled in. The simple design, however, is perfectly complemented with its smooth parallax scrolling, beautifully designed fly-in animation content and artistic mini-photo sliders.

10. Sweet Cake Syndrome
We saved the sweetest site for last. The Sweet Cake Syndrome site, based on our Parallax theme site really brought out our sweet tooth. With its mouth watering pictures at the heading slider and all throughout the site, you are definitely drawn in to try out everything they make. The parallax scrolling is like giving you a sneak peak before showing you the entire image as you scroll down. With it's neatly and clearly laid out content the Sweet Cake Syndrome take our top 10 spot.

Would you like Themify to feature your site?

This wraps up our top 10 sites for 2014. We know we missed a lot of other great sites out there that uses our Themify themes. Please let us know and contact us. We'd love to feature your site next time and also place it on our showcase page.

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