8 New Field Types with the PTB Extra Fields Addon


Sometimes adding an extra something can transform any post from dull & boring, to fun and exciting! Today, we bring this extra something to your custom post types. For the first-time ever, we're launching a Post Type Builder addon: Extra Fields! This addon works hand-in-hand with the Post Type Builder, allowing you to create 8 new field types on your custom posts. Simply install and activate this addon, and start creating posts with 8 new modules on your Meta Box builder. Here's what this addon comes with:

  1. Video = Insert an unlimited number of Youtube/Vimeo/MP4 videos, anywhere on your custom post type. Display it either on a 2 or 3 grid column.
  2. Rating = Choose from over 320+ icons, and use any one of them to rate your products, movies, or any post you want. You can set it to have only admin users, or public visitors to rate your post.
  3. Map = Showcase any location in a map, with a pointer and text tooltip, anywhere on your post.
  4. Date = Select the date that will appear on your post, with a date & time calendar picker.
  5. Slider = Showcase a slider image/video that will allow you to adjust the speed, and transition style.
  6. Gallery = Display your images in grid, showcase, or lightbox format.
  7. Progress Bar = Highlight skills or ongoing projects with percentages, custom labels, and animated progress bars.
  8. Icon = Choose from over 320+ icons, and insert a link on each icon to redirect users when they click on the icon.

Make your posts extra fun and extra awesome, with the new Extra fields addon!

See how it works on our PTB Extra Field addon demo page!

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Sneak Peak: New Split Theme


Here's a sneak peak of our upcoming theme release: Split! This theme comes with many cool new features. But one that will definitely set itself apart from the other themes is the split scrolling effect. This feature creates a splitting effect as you scroll the page! We've made this theme very easy to build with the Builder, allowing you to display any content on any row, without losing the split scrolling effect. So whether you're showcasing a background image, an image slider, or even a video, the split scrolling feature will still work.

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Redesigning AC/DC Drummer Chris Slade’s Site in 3 Days!

For this customer story, we're featuring Sean Lee and how he was able to redesign AC/DC Drummer Chris Slade's site in just 3 days; just in time before Chris Slade had to play in the 2015 Grammy Awards. Using our Music theme and the import demo feature, Sean Lee was able to create a responsive, awesome looking site which showcased Chris Slade's events, video performances, images, and so much more! Read more about it below:

sean-lee (more…)

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High5 Themify!

Update: Congratulations to the following winners to our High5 Themify giveaway! Below are the winners:

  1. Cheryl Wykyd - Lifetime Master Club membership
  2. Andrew Stone - Master Club membership
  3. Chandra - Standard Club membership
  4. Hong Dang - 2 Themify themes
  5. Kirsty Denison - Addon Bundle


In August 10, 2010, we launched Themify with just 4 WordPress themes. Now after 5 years, we are proud to say that we have 48 beautiful WordPress themes, 5 awesome plugins, 18 Builder addons, a new open source project Flow, and over 48,000 members. Themify has grown throughout the years, and it would not have been possible without all of you. So we would like to celebrate our 5th year anniversary by giving everyone a 40% discount (excluding Lifetime Master Club membership) on all Themify purchases. All you have to do is use the coupon code: HIGH5 as you purchase on our site. Sale ends on August 17, 2015.

In addition to this amazing sale, we're also doing a Themify giveaway! Starting today, you can choose any of the action on the form below to submit an entry to participate in the giveaway. The more actions you do, the more entries you'll get, the more chances of winning! Last day to submit an entry is on August 17, 2015, at 11:59pm EST. After that we'll pick 5 lucky winners randomly. So start submitting your entries now! Here's a list of what we're giving away:

  1. Lifetime Master Club membership
  2. Master Club membership
  3. Standard Club membership
  4. 2 Themify themes
  5. Addon Bundle

a Rafflecopter giveaway

High 5 & Good Luck!

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Matteo Corradini – From Book Writer to Web Design, Connecting My Creativity with Themify

For this customer story meet Matteo Corradini, an Italian children's book writer, who shared with us how he was able to connect his creativity from paper to web design with the help of Themify. Read his story, and see how he was able to do this.


Matteo Corradini

Hi! My name is Matteo Corradini and I’m an Italian children's book writer, and a web designer. When I first started writing, my only tools were a pen and a paper. And even today, I still rely on them to write my stories. However, in today's time and age, I realized that for me to be able to share my work, books, or even workshops that I've done with kids, I needed to create an online platform for it to be accessible. With the help of Themify, I was able to do this. Themify provided a platform that's very easy to use, but at the same time, gave me the flexibility I needed to create amazing layout designs. This inspired me to continue to learn more about web design, which inevitably led me to become a web designer. Being a writer and a web desinger worked hand-in-hand, as I was able to create both the content and graphic needed for my own personal, and client sites. I was able to take on different types of projects such as site designs for institutions and museums. Themify made me realize that I didn't need a platform that gave me 10,000 themes, but rather, a few unique and special ones could go a long way. (more…)

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2015 Themify Showcase Site Competition Winners!

Themify Showcase Site Competition

Last week, we asked all of you to vote for your favourite Themify powered Showcase Site. It was an exciting week! We saw a number of contestants getting over 200 votes in one night. There were also instances where it was neck and neck with only a couple of votes separating 2 contestants from taking the lead. Now after one week and over 5,300+ votes later, we're pleased to congratulate the winners of our 2015 Themify Showcase Site Competition! Each winner will receive awesome prizes (including an iPad Mini 2), and the final 20 will be featured on our Showcase Page. Thank you again for all those who participated, and made this contest so much more interesting! (more…)

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