New Builder Addon: Countdown

Countdown preview

Introducing our newest addition to our Builder addon line-up: Countdown - perfect for building hype prior to launching your site, events, or release of a new product or promotion. This intuitive module allows you to choose any date and time, with the ability to place a countdown timer on any row on your site, showing the number of years, and the specific number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Each number is placed in its own box container where the color and opacity can be adjusted from the color picker. Aside from this, the labels can also be changed to any language or text that you would like. The module gives you 3 options to choose from once the countdown finishes; either to "Do nothing", "Redirect to an external URL", or "Show Content". Finally, the styling panel allows you to customize the look of the your timer, with the flexibility of choosing desired animation effects, background colors, font family, padding, margin, and border.

Check out the demo page to see the Countdown module in action and to preview how it'll look once the countdown ends!

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Framework 2.0.6 Release Notes

After constant development and testing we're very excited to release our Framework 2.0.6 update. It's built to improve your experience, focusing on the framework and Builder to make sure themes load faster. We've also made some key changes to the Builder to ensure ease of use when creating columns. It is recommended to upgrade your current version to get the best experience. Below are the details of the changes in the release.

Changes & Improvement

  • Sub-Rows and 6-Column
    The Builder now allows you create sub-rows which can configure up to 6-columns per row, instead of just 4-columns in the past. We've also changed how you create columns.
    Instead of dragging the column dragger left/right to arrange the column layouts, now you can select one of the prebuilt column layouts.

  • Column Gutter Width
    Each row (including sub-rows) allows you to set the gutter width. Gutter width is the vertical spacing in between columns. Now you can set columns with default gutter width, narrow, or none.
  • Post Date Format
    Now the post date and comment date format automatically pulls from your WordPress Settings => Date Format and Time Format. This allows you to customize the date format without any custom function.
  • Improved Builder Performance
    The Builder core code has been refractored for better performance.
  • Improved Image Script Performance
    The img.php script has been refractored as well. Unfortunately, the retina image option has been removed to ensure optimal performance. The retina image feature takes some time to generate the @2x images, increasing load times when displayed on devices with retina display. The image generation process also causes some delays which is more noticeable on slow performance servers. Thus the retina image option has been removed in this release.
  • Improved Demo Import
    The Demo Import has improved to work better with slow performance servers.
  • Basic / Advanced Customize Panel
    Many users have complained that the Customize panel was too overwhelming (ie. too many options). Now there is Basic and Advanced tabs in the Customize panel. The Basic tab loads faster which provides the most commonly used styling options. The Advanced tab gives you all the avaiable options as before. You can toggle between Basic/Advanced at any time without having to worry about your data changing.

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Black Friday 40% SALE & iPad Mini Giveaway!

Update: Congratulations Mark Shannon for winning the #Themify_iPad_draw!

Black Friday

Get ready for an amazing Black Friday/Cyber Monday super sale and an iPad Mini giveaway!

To thank all of you for continuously supporting Themify, we've decided to kick off your holiday spirit with an early BlackFriday sale and an iPad giveaway. Starting today until December 1st 2014, we're offering 40% off for all purchases. This includes Club memberships, plugins, Builder Addons, and WordPress themes.

Simply use this coupon code to redeem the 40% discount: BLACKFRIDAY

iPad Mini Giveaway!

As our way of saying thanks, we're giving out a free iPad Mini. Simply share a message via your Twitter or Facebook account to enter the draw.

How to enter:

  • Social share on Twitter:
    • Tweet a message about our promotion with the hashtag #themify_ipad_draw
    • Make sure to mention us @themify so we can keep track of your entry
    • Make sure to follow @themify on Twitter as the selected winner will be sent a direct message
    • Sample: Check out @themify 40% BLACKFRIDAY deal and the #themify_ipad_draw -
  • or
  • Social share on Facebook:

Contest rules:

  • No purchase or payment necessary to enter or win.
  • Entry ends on December 1, 2014 11:59PM EST
  • The winner will be announced on Dec 5, 2014 on all social media platform
  • The iPad Mini (first generation, white,16GB Wi-Fi) will be shipped to the winner where shipping is applicable from the Apple Store

Good luck and happy Black Friday!

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Notice: System Upgrade

Please be advised that the Themify Member Area underwent a system update. Not to worry, everything in the Member Area and Affiliate System works the same.

The only changes are the following:

Support Forum
The forum has been replaced with a new platform. Please start posting threads on the new forum, it still uses the same URL: For reference purpose, we've kept the old forum accessible at

IMPORTANT: Framework Update
Framework 2.0.5 update is required in order to perform auto theme updates. Please update your framework. The framework update is free and can be found in the Themify panel (the number located at the bottom left corner of the Themify panel is your current framework version). For more information on theme update, please refer to this documentation:

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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New Builder Addon: Tiles

Inspired by the Metro design in Windows 8, we are very excited to introduce the Tiles addon. Both front and back tile are customizable with options to display text, icons, maps, buttons, or galleries. It also includes 10 flip effects with the option to set an auto flip timer. It is by far one of our most powerful and versatile Builder Addons. With the Builder frontend live preview mode, the tiles can easily be arranged by dragging & dropping it anywhere on the page. View the demo page to see some sample usages of the Tiles addon. We've also created a demo video where we showcase the Tiles addon in action, and also highlight some it's amazing features.

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New Builder Addon: Pointers

Pointers preview

Adding a new Builder Addon to our line-up, we're excited to introduce the Pointers. This module, without the need for either codes or Photoshop, enables users to draw attention on your image by placing a round, glowing tooltip, accompanied by an animated text box. It's a great way to emphasize certain parts of an image, create further engagement with your advertisements, or to simply relay a message. It's built with a feature that allows you to insert a text box, with the option of letting it appear as the cursor hovers over the image or let it appear permanently on the picture. The tooltip can easily be customized and placed anywhere on your image. While the text box gives you the ability to add an external link, as well as, the ability to customize text and text box colour. In addition to these features, there is also an option where you can choose which direction the tooltip will popout, allowing you to make sure that the textbox won't overlap certain parts of the image or other pointers. The backend options also gives you the ability to adjust the image height and width, and finally we've added a styling panel where you can adjust the padding and margin, add borders and animation, and change background colour.

Check out the demo page to see the pointer module in action!

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