Free 2 Month Trial: 15 New Builder Layouts with the Ultra Theme

2 month free trial for the Ultra theme

Introducing 15 beautiful, clean, and modern Builder layouts! These layouts are perfect for users who're looking to build a professional online resume, who'd like to showcase their music/photography, or want to feature/release a new product line.

Our designers have worked hard to build these beautiful layouts, so you can worry less about designing your site and focus more on everything else (i.e. running your business). Now with over 49+ prebuilt layouts, you can easily create a new landing page, redesign your site, or even create a new site from scratch with just a few clicks! Just choose a design, import the layout, update the content, and your done!

To introduce the new layouts, for a limited time, we're giving a 2 month free trial for the Ultra theme. Get the Ultra, free for 2 months, and see for yourself how easy it is to import these new layouts on your site.

Note: This promotion is only available for new Ultra theme users.

2 Month Free Trial

New Builder Layouts:

  • New Builder layout Music Page 3Music Page 3
  • New Builder layout Product Page 8Product Page 8
  • New Builder layout for Product page 7Product Page 7
  • New Builder layout for Product page 6Product Page 6
  • New Builder layout for Company page 3Company Page 3
  • New Builder layout for Corporate Page 2Corporate Page 2
  • New Builder layout for App Page 8App Page 8
  • New Builder layout for App Page 7Music Page 3
  • New Builder layout for App Page 6App Page 7
  • New Builder layout for App Page 5App Page 5
  • New Builder layout for App Page 4App Page 4
  • New Builder layout for Shope Page 2Shop Page 2
  • New Builder layout for Resume PageResume Page
  • New Builder layout for Portfolio Page 4Portfolio Page 4
  • New Builder layout for Product Page 5Product Page 5
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Fresh Redesign of the WooCommerce Shopdock

the Themify WooCommerce Shopdock allows an easier shopping experience for your customers

Available now for $19, we've re-designed the WooCommerce Shopdock plugin with fresh new look! Paired to work seamlessly with your WooCommerce store, it incorporate an AJAX shopping cart dock at the bottom of your page. This allows your customers to get a live preview of all the products they add on their cart instantly. We've also added the ability for you to change the skin style, a check-out button for quick call-to-action, and a slider viewing style, made for those shopaholics who just can't get enough of your stuff. Easy to use, responsive, and works with any WordPress theme. Get the plugin that makes it easier to shop on your ecommerce site now!

Note: This plugin is available to all Master Club members, and can be downloaded on your member area.

Demo Buy Now for $19

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Beautify Your Images With Image Pro Addon

a Builder addon that adds an overlay, image filter, animation effect, and text on images on your site.

Say hello to the Image Pro Addon, a Builder addon that allows you to add an image filter, color/image overlay, animation effects, or even text on your image! This addon comes with 5 hover effects, 4 beautiful image filters, and 12 overlay animation effects that gives you the ability to produce great visual impact. With optional image title, caption, and button, the Image Pro is great for displaying call to action buttons/banners.

View our demo page and see how you can beautify your images!

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New Year, New Builder Undo/Redo Feature!

We're kicking off the new year with a new framework update! Looking back, when the Builder was released, and how it has evolved, showcases our dedication to bring you the best WordPress page Builder. As we begin 2016, we are at it again with a new Builder feature - Undo/Redo. Now available with the new framework/Builder update, this new feature allows you to undo/redo any Builder modifications you've done before saving or closing the Builder. This is a great feature for recalling any mistakes when designing/updating your site. The undo/redo feature also works with the same keyboard shortcut (cmd + z), making it easy and convenient to use.


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Set-up Guide for Google Analytics for Small Businesses on WordPress

Plugins come and plugins go, but WordPress and Google are here to stay.

While many webmasters simply resort to using plugins developed by generous authors to include Google Analytics and Tag Manager in their WordPress websites, there’s no telling when said plugins can mess up the scripts or safety of your website (it’s not paranoia if more than 22% websites actually do get hacked via plugin vulnerabilities).

For the rest of us who can rely on our own skills of copying and pasting code, let’s take a gander at what it takes to correctly include and use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager into WordPress websites for rapidly growing small businesses.


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Top 30 Showcase Sites For 2015

Showcase Sites

2015 has been a great year! Before we look to the new year, we want to take this opportunity to look back at some awesome sites that you, our users, have created using our themes. With that said, we've decided to do a round up of our top 30 favourite showcase sites for 2015


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