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Davide Furlotti – Managing My Sites with Themify

For our fourth Customer Stories series we chose to cover an Italian web designer, Davide Furlotti.  He shares how he was able to use Themify to design many great WordPress sites to further expand his freelance business. Through Themify's wide range of themes, Davide was also able to broaden its scope of clients, catering to various business types, such as mobile apps, auto mechanic, restaurants, and many others. He has successfully utilized Themify to fully captivate and engage online visitors, capturing their attention every time they visit his sites.


Hello. My name is Davide, an Italian freelancer. I’ve been doing web design for more than six years, but generally, under communication and color plus for fifteen years. The main idea of my business is creating dynamic logos and websites, and this is primarily because of my love for content marketing and optimizing landing pages. Now, with the experience that I've acquired over the years, I'm looking into expanding my skills and start to promote products made entirely by myself.

HTML to WordPress

Prior to WordPress, I had a HTML/CSS with an advanced layout editor, and my approach then when creating websites would consist of anything that would outline a “classic” framework. When I discovered WordPress, it was still version 2.7 and not as advanced as the current version 4.0 hence, I had different framework ideas. Regardless of the simply adequate results that I had obtained, I continued using WordPress as my main tool.

Game-changer - Discovery of Themify

As I was browsing for alternatives, I came across When I found out that another large company that sells WordPress themes had done an Adwords campaign "against" Themify, I was prompted to learn more. After viewing the themes, I bought my first two, and began to follow the support forum. I noticed that over time the issues that rose in the forum were quickly answered, fixed, and developed to become new features.


This showed me Themify’s growing value and methodology, and it was evident that the needs of their customers were taken into account. In a short span of time, they have made palpable improvements! It’s impressive and easy-to-manage framework, and customizable CSS box grant website builders to become more creative without such concern of intricacy!

My Business Now with Themify

Several years have passed since I first learned about Themify, but it still remains professionally accommodating. It offers comprehensive tools that are constantly improving. And ultimately allows me to competently create custom work models, that can be improved in a quality that I can guarantee my customers.

The Proof

Here's a rundown of web projects (grouped by theme) that I have personally taken care of in a different way using the framework of Themify:

  • cheviaggi
    Project: Che Viaggi
    Base Theme: Parallax
    Services: Site, WP, Development, Web Design, AdWords
  • vetrocar
    Project: Vetrocar
    Base Theme: Parallax
    Services: Site, WP, Development, Landing Page
  • bitterapp
    Project: BitterAPP
    Base Theme: Parallax
    Services: Site, Logo, WP, Development
  • hypermeches
    Project: Hypermeches
    Base Theme: Flat
    Services: Site, Logo, WP, Development, Landing Page
  • mp_auto_&_moto
    Project: MP Auto & Moto
    Base Theme: Agency
    Services: Site, WP, Development
  • ducale
    Project: Ducale
    Base Theme: Magazine
    Services: Site, WP, Development, Web Design
  • cibus
    Project: Cibus
    Base Theme: Magazine
    Services: Site, WP, Development, Web Design

Final Remark

To sum it all up, Themify has allowed me to make my business run better by offering comprehensive tools that are optimized with constant improvement.

- Davide Furlotti @ifurlo

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How have you used Themify for your site? Whether it's for your business site, personal blog, or to showcase your portfolio, we'd love to hear your story and share it with other people! Please contact us.

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New Elegant Theme


Sometimes creating the simplest design can be the most difficult part when making your site. That's why we made the Elegant theme. A simple yet elegant theme, it removes all the the fancy animations and graphic effects, and instead focuses more on your content. Crafted with minimal design and great attention to typography, this theme provides a stunning visual that displays and functions beautifully across all devices. With amazing features such as Grayscale, Blur, and Sepia image filters, mansory and grid layouts, Team and Portfolio post type, and WooCommerce styling, the Elegant theme is perfect for writers, artists, designers, agencies, edtiorial sites, and individual portfolios.

40% OFF Elegant Theme Purchase

To celebrate the release of the Elegant theme, we're going to do something we've never done before. For 5 days only, we're giving 40% OFF for every purchase of the Elegant theme. To redeem the 40% discount, simply enter the coupon code: ELEGANT. Promotion ends on Friday, October 24, 2014.

Elegant Theme Demo

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Tweet for a FREE Builder Addon

Showing some love to all our Twitter followers! Tweet us, in 140 characters, and tell us why you like one of our new Builder Addons and we'll give you one for FREE.

tweet for a free addon

Below are the details:

  1. Find an Addon you like (view all Addons).
  2. Tweet us which Addon you like in 140 characters via Twitter (eg. I like the @themify Counter addon because....)
  3. User must follow us on Twitter as a coupon code will be sent via Twitter direct message
  4. All Addons can be used with the Themify Builder which is packed on all themes or the standalone Builder plugin.
  5. Promotion ends on October 17, 2014, so start tweeting!

Themify Twitter followers get the fastest update on all promotions, product release, and updates on what's going on with Themify. Follow us now @Themify and stay connected.

Check out what other people are saying:

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Section Post Type removed from Parallax and Flat Theme

The Themify Builder's popularity has been growing, thanks to the increasing number of positive feedbacks from users because of its simple drag & drop framework. With this in mind, we've decided to update our Parallax and Flat theme by removing the section post type, and enable the users to use the Builder to customize pages and posts. This was done to avoid confusion, allow users more frontend page editing, and make everything integrated with our simple 'drag and drop' Builder. In addition to this, we have also updated our Parallax documentation page and created a video tutorial to show users how they can recreate many of the custom designs on the Parallax homepage with shortcodes. Now everyone can take advantage of our simple and easy-to-use drag & drop Builder with our Parallax and Flat theme on all their pages.

Note: To provide backward compatibility, the Section posts and the Query Sections pages will remain functional if your site has existing Section posts for both the Parallax and Flat themes. It is now easier to build the parallax scrolling pages with the Builder by following this tutorial.

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Introducing Builder Addons

Today, we are very excited to announce the release of our new Builder Addons — additional addon modules to extend the Themify Builder. It works together with any Themify theme or the Builder plugin (note latest version is required to use with these addons). Paired with our Themify Builder, it gives you more options and flexibility to customize the look and feel of your site. Whether its creating a button that allows you to open a lightbox link, placing an audio player, displaying your products together with your posts, or creating animated numbers, these Addons are set to make your sites more exciting, engaging and standout like no other.

Pricing & 20% off Master Club Promotion

All these beautiful addons can easily be downloaded for just $5 each. And the good news is that all addons are included in the Master Club membership. If you already own a Master Club, simply login to the Member Area to download these addons.

To celebrate the release of our new addons, we're offering 20% off the Master Club until Oct 10, 2014. Use ADDONS coupon code to reduce 20% off the Master Club purchase. All purchases come with 1 year updates and support straight from our developers and a 30 day money back gaurantee if not satisfied.

Addon Demos

We currently have 9 addons, but have planned to build more addons down the road. If you have any comments or suggestions about the addons, feel free to contact us.

  • Button - Custom designed action buttons
  • Contact - Simple Ajax contact forms
  • Counter - Animated circles and number counters
  • FitText - Auto fit text in a container
  • A/B Image - Compare 2 images side by side
  • Audio - Elegant audio playlist
  • Progress Bar - Animated bars based on input percentage
  • Timeline - Display content in a timeline-styled layouts
  • WooCommerce - Show WooCommerce products anywhere in the Builder

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