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Top 10 Best Photography WordPress Sites (2019) Using Themify

Themify 10 Best Photography WordPress Sites

Welcome back to another top and best list! This time we’ve rounded up all the amazing photography sites powered by WordPress and using a Themify theme. If you’re a photographer, you know you need a professional site to share the most beautiful and meaningful moments in an unforgettable way.

We’ve got a lineup of great photography websites ready to inspire and wow. You might also see the importance of a great WordPress theme to set your photos and portfolio apart, all while giving you the full control of customizations and the ability to update on your own. See why a great photography website is the first thing to draw a potential customer in to book a session!


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Top 10 Best Section Scrolling Inspirational Sites (2019)

Themify Tutorial Top 10 Section Scrolling Websites

Section scrolling, or full page/section scroll, is a popular and modern tool to achieve the most immersive viewing experience on a website. Visuals are usually spread fullwidth to grab a viewer’s focus and to really showcase a magnificent photograph or beautiful product.

Section scrolling smoothly snaps to the next section on a site’s page as the user scrolls. When a user scrolls lower with either a mouse, trackpad, or the arrow key, they trigger a scroll. This animates the page to the next section. Sections can also be used to organize your site’s pages (including the Homepage, About, Contact, and FAQ), or be intended to share your company’s story, taking the reader on a timeline of events.

This is also great for doing presentation slideshows and if you’re looking to feature more interactive content. You can also combine section scrolling with entrance animations for foreground headings or images (ie. slide in, slide out, fade in/out, bounce in/out, etc.). Your modules would enter the screen when the next section is triggered and scrolling up.


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10 Best Lifestyle Blog Sites (2019) by Themify

10 Best WordPress Lifestyle Sites by Themify

Lifestyle blogs are changing how we discover new things, make purchases, and view the world - all through the tasteful and chic lens of the bloggers who run them. Aptly named, these blogs cover a wide range of topics from home life, travel, food, fashion, entertaining, beauty, and décor. Summer is one of the high seasons for lifestyle blogs to blossom and attract new visitors. Those looking for new adventures and summer to-do's will look to their favourite blogs for inspiration.

If you’ve ever thought about sharing your everyday life, interests, and awesome discoveries, there's no better time than now especially with our new Ultra Lifestyle skin. With our instant demo import feature, you can create the minimal, sleek, and aesthetically pleasing site you desire with the click of a button. The skin also comes completely integrated with an online shop, as well as a neat and organized layout allowing you to put the spotlight on your breathtaking images.


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10 Best Parallax Scrolling Sites (2019)

Themify Tutorial 10 Best Parallax Scrolling Sites

Parallax scrolling has been around for some time and capitalizes on a 3D-like experience in a 2D environment. This special visual technique simply scrolls the background image at a slower rate than the foreground image or text, creating a sensation of depth or an almost 3D feeling. The bottom line is that you can create some pretty dynamic and interesting visual experiences for a visitor scrolling through your site.

Some website design trends come and go, but as we grow deeper into this scrolling culture, you may want to take advantage of the need for scrolling. Especially as mobile website usage increases, one thing is clear - we like scrolling on our phones. Even the split moment Instagram accidentally released a tapping to advance feed, the immediate uproar was enough for them to ditch the idea, at least for now.


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10 Best Free Social Media Plugins for WordPress (2019)

Themify Tutorial Top 10 Free Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress

You can spend a great deal on ads and paid marketing, but one of the most priceless and free marketing commodities is sharing on social media. User engagement with your website, blog post articles, and products can have the greatest impact and outreach. This organic influence can help drive traffic and new visitors to your site and hopefully, new customers to your brand.

Social sharing buttons are the best way to make it easier for users to do just that. Providing shortcuts for users to easily share your content will help boost that number, increasing the number of eyes on your company.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best and free social media sharing plugins. This will hopefully save you time from filtering through thousands of social share plugins in the WordPress community.


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Top 10 Lifestyle Blogs to Follow and Read (2019)

Themify Tutorial Top 10 Lifestyle Blogs

If you’re wondering how to start a lifestyle blog, the first thing you should do is decide which topics capture your interest best. Speaking on what you’re passionate about will easily generate the best content. Finding your niche will also help determine what style of blog to create and which layouts better favour your particular focus.

Whatever your target, one key factor of the most beautiful and successful lifestyle blogs is that most all use WordPress! WordPress lifestyle blog themes put the control back in the hands of the user, allowing even the most technically unsavvy to publish blog posts and stylishly edit their content.

But without a little inspiration and a few WordPress tips & tricks, it’s hard to know where to begin and how to emulate the best of the best. We’ve done the legwork and put together the ultimate lifestyle blog WordPress theme, the Ultra Lifestyle. You can instantly have an identical site with our 1-click demo import and just edit the content.


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